Mogogo Classic Arch Station comes with a bamboo panel table top and our functional Arch Add-on. Depending on your Tabletop of choice, this Action Station offers special modularity with its decorative yet functional Arch, and Casters Add-Ons. Guest’s fascination with chefs, food preparation and presentation around the action station continues to grow and evolve in events today – it‘s a great way to add some spice and surprise to your culinary landscape.

Cooking in front of the guest entices all their senses – and we believe beautifully crafted furniture is part of the experience.

  • Classic-arch-station-AS101_no-covers
  • Classic-arch-station-AS101
  • Classic-arch-station-AS101_no-covers

Dimensions: L71” W29.5” H95.5” | L180cm W75cm H243cm

Item#: AS101

Materials: Woven Bamboo Plate, Brushed Stainless Steel

Item#: AS101BR

Materials: Woven Bamboo Plate, Brushed Brass

pattern-2 Stainless Steel brass

action station