chef behind the scenes


This year at Mogogo we have brought it upon ourselves to look at it from a different angle. As we continue to push the borders of creativity, design and functionality we want to stop and acknowledge all the behind the scenes staff that make all events possible. This is why in the new 2019 catalog we have put you all in the front lines to acknowledge that no event is a one man show but quite the opposite, a lot of people and effort are needed to execute an event to perfection. Mogogo is here to assist and make your life a bit easier when it comes to loading plates, maneuvering your way through halls with the service carts, setting up the buffet tables, serving guests, etc. We get inspiration from trying to make your life easier and help you accomplish successful events, so enjoy a small sneak peek on what’s to come for Mogogo!  


behind the scenes versus finished picture


From the back of the house to the front of the house

When it comes to measuring the success of an event many times the only thing that comes to play is the end result. Did everything happen as planned, was the set up done on time, was the food displayed well and tasty, were the guests happy with the service, etc. The final execution of the event can sometimes overlook all the steps and people that were involved for it to be a success. It is crucial that everyone from the cooks, cleaners, servers, waiters, etc. understand that they are indispensable to the success of the event, that they are all important pieces of the puzzle and that without them the event would not be able to take place. Mogogo’s mission is to assist you in doing just that, working with furniture that is fun to put together due to its infinite options and decorative styles. Whether that is catering tables or a roll out station with plates straight from the dishwasher, Mogogo is there every step of the way.


picture in fridge and cart


Acquiring buffet furniture that meets both the elementary needs and the aesthetic ones is a win win when looking at it from a financial perspective and in making beautiful events come to life. Additionally, if the buffet tables can easily be put together and taken down you save time and can spend more of it styling them and getting creative with the set up. But for all of it to be possible it is important to acknowledge that the human capital is at the top of the list for making an event successful. At Mogogo we value time, effort and the human touch that encompass all of our set ups and configurations. No F&B banquet stations are complete without the unique efforts that came together to bring it to fruition.


picture in dishwasher

A peek at our new finishes

At Mogogo we understand that the hospitality industry is constantly changing and evolving so it’s important to stay ahead of the game and provide options when it comes to finishes, sizes and styles. We understand each event has a different vibe and the furniture in it is transmitting that vibe, it’s like an unspoken language. So we understood that options when it comes to finishes and textures was very important. This year marks the launch of the new BHP material that came about after two years of intense R&D. The three finishes are Bengali Mango Wood, Nero Marquina Marble and Grey Slate. All with different textures that address specific decor needs but at the same time hold that timeless look. All stations and the rolling buffet cart are all widely available in the three finishes.

These textures and colors continue to exemplify the importance of linenless banquet tables and how displays using the natural colors truly give personality to buffets plus all the saving costs that it involves.


all three finishes

Fun facts about the photo participants

creative station behind the scenes


Through each image featured we attempted to tell a story. Each participant that is photographed has some kind of connection to the F&B World that being involved in the buildup and break down of events as well as the cleaning of the venues, waitering or working the bar at weddings and important corporate events, etc. The connection to the F&B world and how they were expressed in these pictures was vital to us in this new catalogs, we believe that every person exemplifies the back of the house staff whose work can sometimes go unnoticed since most of the event is happening in the front lines. But the true work of art is all happening behind closed doors, behind the scenes where a lot of people come together to make it happen.


Morris and Yuval for Clix   

So, while attending an event or being the supervisor of it take the time to look around and truly appreciate all the work that went into that one set up buffet, weddings, corporate events etc. A lot of the work goes unseen but trust me you are very much appreciated! A successful event is like a machine for it to move and operate properly every single part needs to function and be oiled constantly, so giving a word of encouragement, a smile a “good job this is amazing” is the human factor that we can not forget to include when throwing world class events.


Polo behind the scenes