Buffet Table Design speaks directly to your customers. From the moment guests enter your establishment, everything from the doors, Holiday décor, and controlled ambiance to the display setup, style matters . Every single nook, edge, counter, etc. is being judged, examined, and constantly observed by the customers, so shouldn’t you make sure your message is correctly delivered?

Depending on your location, you can experience several types of buffet table designs during the Holiday Season. In some cases, a lot of these food and beverage establishments have the same setup displays. But it is how they center their ideas and brand around their dining and bar experience. For instance, most bars feature a rustic wood-grained appearance that brings nostalgic appeal and a homely feel, making the guest feel comfortable. In the service industry, a happy and comfortable customer is better for business, sales, and expansion: the works!

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Buffet Table Design: Holiday Feeling

This particular sector can easily be confused with the overall appearance of your buffet table design, but the two could not be any different. Rather than looking at them as similar or the same, picture them as a team of best friends. One is always there to help there other when needed; your layout will be visual appealing.

In some cases, there are different styles of buffet table designs that can excite the dining experience through creative layouts. These types of layouts provide a sense of clarity for guest as to what type of venue they are attending.

Centerpiece Effect As Focus Of The Buffet Table Design

When you have a decent sized venue, your buffet table design does talk directly to your customers. The “Centerpiece Effect” places tables throughout the center of the dining room to create the entire dining experience. Guests feel a sense of value when dining in this type of buffet table layout. The most effective and creative way to utilize this layout is to create categorical tiers, allowing multiple levels of similar dishes to be present at the same table. Therefore, maximizing space, while providing a great sense of elegance.

Modular Buffet Table Design

No matter the venue or size available, this buffet table design layout brings a completely new meaning to how we interact with guests. Now more than ever, attention spans are shorter, expectations higher. Therefore, the pressure is on and the need to stand out is even more important during the Holiday Season. 

This style of buffet table design allows for the dining experience to scale up or down, in or out, and high or low. The “Modular Exploration” also known as the Mogogo Experience layout utilizes mobile buffet solutions. To breathe new life into any dining experience. The flexibility of these buffet tables enable you to make adjustments quickly, adding or removing shelving. Also, Mogogo offers the added benefit of a rotating dining design, creating a new appearance weekly to keep engagement with your guests.

Elegant Yet Basic Layout

It is pretty easy to spot this layout from a mile away! This is your typical rectangular table set on after another in a nice uniformed manner. Meant to keep order and guest moving in one direction from beginning to end. Sure, these are great when you are entertaining really big crowds, but just because you’re feeding a group doesn’t mean you can’t add a little Holiday flavor to your layout.

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Buffet Table Design: Holiday Look

Let’s briefly explain the major difference here between your buffet table design layout and the overall theme of your events. We have already looked into the layout, which emphasizes more on the structural aspect of the dining experience. While the Holiday feel portion remains more subtle, it should speak differently to visitors. The appearance of your buffet tables should reflect your Holiday décor. Additionally, the way your buffet tables are set and decorated will give your guests the true holiday vibe!

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Buffet Table Design: Holiday Menu!

Ever heard that saying, “all you can eat?” In the dining world, this term is generally followed by the words buffet or dining. Companies know that some attend Holidays’ buffet environments to eat  to the point of having to unfasten a button to make more room. As it turns out, food placement is key.  So this is also something to think about, additionally to your Holiday curated food & beverages menu.

It’s the digital age and data rules all. Take the time and have your staff inquire about the new dish you are trying to find out the best combination to both make your bottom line happy and your guest happy without sacrificing quality or integrity.  Bring value to your guests’ Holiday dining experience by providing more than excellent service, exceptional design, and encapsulating the captivating aura of satisfied guests. Afterall, this is the most wonderful time of the year!