Have you ever stood in front of your buffet station and wondered  how can I make it look even more inviting? We acknowledge that this happens more often than not. Usually it’s an easy fix and here is where our new classic corner unit comes into play. With its small size yet very dynamic shape its a fantastic addition to your buffet stations or catering tables. It can be added to pre existing configurations or be used on it’s own. In this blog we provide you with 5 easy ways to incorporate the the corner unit in your buffet layout and why it is worth your while to try it! 

corner unit


Create a Buffet Streamline

Create a flowing streamline buffet: By adding the corner unit you are able to eliminate sharp corners and give your buffet proper flow and approach-ability. You can easily add a corner unit  to a pre existing Mogogo Classic configurations for this smoothness effect.

Try  creating a more oval or circle looking station since they are known to  decrease lines and speedup serving. These kind of round buffet tables are also good options for “island” stations that can be placed in the middle of the room as a focal point.
These are some examples, you can get as creative with it as you please.


configurations with corner unit and shelves


Unique buffet Shapes

The corner units by its own can  create unique stations. Here is where true creativity comes to play since they are highly adaptable and easy to move and place. Here we provide four examples: the circle which is perfect for creating focal points, the braid style which is playful but can also act as a natural room divider, the semicircle which can be placed against the wall and the fish tail which is dynamic and interacts with guests.


corner unit unique shapes


Matching Shelves

Some great accessories to the corner unit are the triangle display shelves. These shelves will complement and give your stations a significant volume. A great way to maximize your catering table space and make it more appealing is  by playing with different heights for presentation purposes. The shelves can be placed aligned with the corner or slightly rotated outward/inward. They are easy to assemble and disassemble in case last minute changes are needed. 


cooking station with corner units


The Case of the Lonely Corner

Most venue’s activity happens in the middle and around the main space, leaving the room corners looking overly empty or “lonely”. The corner unit is a great way to equip those corners and add impressive  decorations such as flowers. 


decorative corner unit


Decorating and styling 

Last but not least, we offer 4 colors of quick covers that fit flawlessly to the corner unit. By adding these easy-to assemble add-on you are not only styling your station in seconds, but practically created a very practical hidden storage space. Anything from extra plates, dirty utensils, empty bottles, etc. Make everything that you don’t want visible to your guests easily invisible.


two corner units using quick covers


These are our five simple ways to cut corners (in a good way) – with our new classic corner unit!