F&B managers can do a lot to create a more comfortable environment for their staff. In this post we will provide you with five tips to create a great working environment and company culture for your employees that will allow you to get the most out of your staff, while reducing turnover.

F&B Managers all want their hospitality operations to run smoothly. Behind the operations is your staff. You need to build a successful team. At the root of your team building is the work environment for your staff. This aspect is just the beginning to get the best out of your staff.

F&B Managers

Spruce up your shared employee spaces

You can’t have a chaotic back of house and expect your staff to have a great workplace. Increase the lighting in employee spaces, paint the common areas. Provide staff with quiet spaces during breaks, allow them to collectively choose their own music. Redesign the employee cafeteria if needed as well as the locker room area. When your staff sees the effort made by hotel management you will quickly see productivity increase.


Team Building

Once a week, gather your employees for a round table where everyone gets their turn in discussing their challenges at work and even personally. Take notes and invite your team to provide options to improve the quality of the work environment. Provide them with board games to use when on break. Provide them with comfortable chairs and bean bags where they can just relax when they have some downtime.

Employees want to feel appreciated. Provide them with rewards programs such as points, so they can get a discount on hotel rooms for them and their families. Allow them the use of rooms, given that they are vacancies. When on vacation, provide them with discounted access to other properties your hotel may have in their vacation destination.


Make their jobs easier

Providing your staff with the right tools to do their jobs in the most efficient and enjoyable way. Make sure the furniture that has to constantly be moved and rearranged is as modular as can be. Mobile buffet tables can ease the job of your F&B staff.

Provide clean and breathable uniforms. All employees want to be comfortable when working. Seasonal weather changes should dictate what type of uniforms you can provide to ensure they are the most comfortable when doing their jobs.


Technology in Hospitality

Whole smartphone usage should be frowned upon when on the floor in view of the guests, you should allow them the freedom to use their cell phones when in shared employee places to connect with their spouses and loved ones. Applying technology in hospitality is key to making sure your F&B managers run its operation smoothly.

Provide them with apps that allow the to schedule their work time and to alert you when they need to take an off day or when they have a doctor’s appointment. Communication is a key component of productivity. By applying technology in hospitality you can achieve this.



Your staff needs to know what their roles are and who are the contacts to communicate with if there are issues. Clarifying roles and responsibilities is key so there is any confusion regarding roles and responsibilities, people can not work together effectively. Role and responsibilities must be clearly documented and any questions should be counciated to F&B managers. This should be available for employees in their shared spaces, so their is no doubts as to what their roles and responsibilities are.