Event guests, whether they are at hotels, event venues, restaurants, bars, weddings and corporate events are there for a reason. They want to enjoy themselves and be entertained. One of the ways guests at an event can be entertained by a tableside magic via highly functional and beautifully designed service carts.

This article is particularly be of interest to event professionals, F&B Managers and F&B Directors. Your guests want a food & beverage multi-sensorial experience and this is a growing trend that is here to stay. Keep reading for some ways to give them an unforgettable presentation via service carts


Cocktail Carts

 tableside service carts

All great food served at restaurant buffets, weddings, and large corporate events are always accompanied with a well thought out selection of drinks. So, it only makes sense if your F&B director suggest to you as a Bar manager that if food is served tableside, then serve them drinks via service carts as well.

Your service cart can be configured with a wooden cutting board, glass holders and even an ice bin as an add on. Your bartender can put on a mixology show for your guests from their sleekly designed elegant service cart, serving them latest trending cocktails, mixed drinks and wine as an interactive guest experience. Think instagramable moments, hence word of mouth!


Cheese & Wine Service Carts

The service cart configuration for serving wine and a cheese tray is a hot item, especially for room service, but tableside as well. Special Add ons such as leather towel hangers and wine bottle openers are details that will stand out and add up to the feel of customized experience you aim to deliver. The service carts can be tailored to meet your F&B service carts needs. Treat your guests to an experience they’d expect seaside from Sydney to Los Angeles, or wherever they are enjoying a leisure experience.


Carved Meat Service Carts

F&B Managers know that surely your guests are there to eat, drink and be merry with little effort. Think about how effortlessly and entertaining you can make it; instead of them providing them with an expected self-service buffet and waiting in a line, Chefs can serve a scrumptious selection of carved meats table side using a service cart with built induction will make this serving experience memorable.

Place an F&B staff member with a chef’s hat and white gloves behind a service cart tableside and have him carve a selection of meats upon request with a nice selection of condiments and breads at his side. Think of it as a mini mobile buffet station with a carving board and all that is needed.


Cold Appetizers Cart

Typically at weddings and large corporate events F&B managers set up a few buffets around the room with cold platters before the main dish. Have your F&B staff bring your delightful selection to your guests in elegant style via service cart tableside.


Desserts and Champagne Cart

Service Carts

Dessert Service Carts

F&B Managers, F&B Directors and event professionals all know that your guests, whether it be at a wedding, large corporate event or other event venue are tired by the end of the event. They’ve been dancing, eating, drinking and set out what they came to do.

Pamper them tableside delivery with a service cart equipped with champagne, a platter full of desserts and coffee by having a staff member roll it on over to them. Depending on your guests, you can make a decision if you can substitute a coffee and dessert station on wheels instead of champagne.


Use your imagination. There are so many creative things you can do with service carts for your event guests to wow them and gain repeat customers. All these service carts are interchangeable and can adapt to your guests’ needs.