Mogogo’s 47″ Drop-In Top Kit is complete with two Nemco Inductions and also comes with a 12’’ support segment. This kit ensures the perfect solution to keeping any dish warm and fresh, while upholding safety precautions and providing chefs with further flexibility. Our Drop-In Top Kit is extremely durable, and was carefully designed using stainless steel and woven bamboo panels. The kit can be combined with different units and can even replace a Mogogo Top you already own, in order to create more unique configurations and is the ideal choice for any banquet.

  • tops-double-nemco-top

Dimensions: L47″ W29.5″ | L120cm W75cm 

Comes with 1 x 12’’ support segment 

Panel finishes available: High Density Bamboo*




*High Density Bamboo panels only available in certain territories

Segment finishes available: Brushed Stainless Steel / Brushed Brass

Stainless Steelbrass