As a hotel manager or general manager you surely have identified most of your customers regarding what they view as a comfortable and accommodating stay, and that includes new amenities for your hotel room service. Your guests range from millenials, professionals, families, and the elderly with the vast majority of them being very tech savvy and having their tablets and smartphones at the ready, hoping it will make their stay easier.

Well, now is the time to show them they are correct.

You’ll be able to capture the hearts of your guests if upon check-in you can hook them up with your brand’s app for iOS or Android. Let them know that you can serve them wherever they are and stress privacy, accuracy and convenience for all their requests.


Hotel Room Service App Power

Hotel Room Service

Give them the option to avoid hotel room service wait times and busy ordering operators by providing them with a hotel room service app like Alice. You’ll not only enhance their stay, but are sure to maximize your hotel’s efficiency while heightening guest satisfaction.

The idea is to give them a mobile experience they won’t forget. Here are a few ways to deliver an amazing hotel room service  experience, while getting the most out of the data for reporting.

  • Deliver an engaging room-service food delivery experience by providing mobile friendly images of dishes you offer, on a serving cart.
  • Give them the option to put in their desired time for delivery and the ability to change their hotel room service delivery time.
  • Allow them to choose their side dishes and add modifiers to such items as prime rib (Rare, Medium, Well Done) with just a click.
  • Confirm their hotel room service order right after checkout with an SMS or Email.
  • Analyze the data: your revenue, kitchen ordering and executive chef reports to enhance hotel room service operations.


Upgrading your service carts

Service cart

Now may also be the time to upgrade those old, cracked service carts that your F&B manager is always covering up with linens. Linens are expensive. The millennial generation has arrived. They embrace modularity. So, give it to them. Use new linenless serving carts to deliver them an elegant experience.

With a modular service cart, you can send up a cart to grandma with a collection of teas, lemons, honey and biscuits. For your newlyweds, how about a fully stocked wine cart with flowers. For a suite of 6, send up a cheese tray on your serving cart. For a bachelor party, send up a mixology cart stocked with beer, cocktails, along with a robot bartender.. More on that very soon. The options are only limited by your imagination.


Spice up Your Room Service Menus

Hotel room service

Not only are the times a changin’. So are your guest’s appetites and the abilities of your local restaurants and eateries. Hotel room service isn’t the only option with delivery services like Gett and enhanced delivery service. Time to spice up your room service menu and try new things, like the burger and fries combo many of your guests are ordering. You can see the delivery orders. Take action and try to emulate what your hotel guests are ordering when not ordering hotel room service. Focus on quality and presentation. Inspire your  guests to order hotel room service. They will definitely get it fresher, hotter and quicker.

Another idea to reflect your guests tastes is to supply them with a cooking station, as they request. Millenials love to cook at home, so deliver them what they need when they order a cooking set with all the bells and whistles. Like a burner, if there’s no stove in the room, a wok, cooking utensils, chopped veggies and the accompanying Asian sauces, chopsticks; all on a linenless service cart. Time to think different!


2018: The Robot Odyssey

Hotel room service technology

The Somabar is a robot bartender that is being tested for use in hotels as a replacement for the minibar. The device can mix up to 20 drink recipes, which are ordered from an app. (Colin M Day / Somabar)

Robot bartending may seem like a novelty, a fad, but this view is quickly and soundly disputed with the spread of these friendly mini-bar hosts. Bartending robots are sold on Amazon. Well, you say what isn’t nowadays? They have the capacity to create some yummy drinks on the spot every time. F&B managers will love the fact that they use one time packets, which reduces loss of mixers, sometimes opened for one drink and thrown away after a few months.

Injecting Technology in Hospitality to boost the guest experience is just in its beginnings. Read articles, ask your peers. If you’re a general manager, executive chef or a Food & Beverage manager, you can help bolster profits by maximizing the use of technology in hospitality.