Classic, one finish, one shape setups have been around for a while. But with the Clix catering tables, you are able to keep the classic and elegant look while incorporating different colors, finishes, and heights. Different heights adapt to your different catering and serving needs while being able to mix and match colors for a more personalized display and presentation. Additionally, they are portable buffet tables that you can easily assemble in case they are needed in a specific set up or display. 

BHP catering tables

Mixing Finishes

The idea of linenless furniture is to allow the tabletop to finish to speak for itself while saving you time and money in the setup and in the cleaning. The three different finishes: the black marble, grey slate and mango wood although having an innate vibe of their own when combined can create an extra special feel for the venue. How about a grey slate catering table with lemon, strawberries, mint, etc. while on a higher mango wood one you have a pitcher of lemonade, water, and soda. Creativity in combination is completely up to you! 

clix tables different finishes

Also the segments have different finishes:  brass and stainless steel. So you can always play with the base finishes as well. 

Mixing Heights

The great advantage of using catering tables is that they are highly versatile. Our Clix mechanism allows for easy assembly and disassembly of the tables, which in turn facilitates the mixing between bases. Play with heights and create different vibes and presentation setups for your guests. Instead of having a straight line buffet, bring some playfulness to a classic design with raised and lower set tables. By adding different heights you also allow areas to be accentuated by placing them on a higher base while the rest of the tables remain on a lower tier. This is a great tool using catering tables to create focal points around the room, regardless of the venue size this technique works wonders. Another great feature of the CliX tables is the add-on bottom shelf which is a quick way to add a small vase or plant for decoration. The portable buffet tables make it easy to remove and add the shelves as you see fit.

different heights clix tables

Mixing Table Top Shapes

A third option can be added to our already creative combos: mixing tabletop shapes. The Clix Tabletops are available in square, round, and a large rectangle. The combination of different table tops allows for the same dimension effect while simply arranging the buffet line while mixing and matching shapes. You can also go outside the conventional straight-line setup and do multiple smaller setups with two or three tables where you can use different shapes to create all these spotlights.

different tabletop shapes for catering tables

It’s important to highlight that catering tables can stand alone or form part of larger buffet configurations and setups. They are light and easy to set up and since the buffet panels come in the same finishes they can be added or mixed with them for extra space. The creativity in design is very much up to you and how you would like to arrange your buffet. Start a bit conservative and expand to a more modern set up that remains elegant with the Clix Tables. 

grey slate catering tables