When it comes to food service, chefs and F&B managers today are constantly on the lookout for new ways to find smart solutions to crowd control in events. Not only new ways to impress their guests and stay ahead of the competition, but make the event planning as smooth as possible for their guests. As event spaces become more and more sophisticated, your guests will expect more sophistication as well, and a seamless, satisfying experience. But creating this experience for your customers is not just about serving great food; it’s about crowd control in events, minimal queues and movement, flexibility and customization, and much more.

The first thing you’ll need to do is personalize the customer experience, and ensure that your stations give your customers a less commercial, more intimate feeling. Aside from that, your stations have to be high-performing and easy to manage and use. Waiters and chefs are not interior designers; they need easy-to-use products with practical capabilities – whether in the form of rotating shelves, modular setups, or other repetitive items designed for maximum flexibility.

As the food service and hospitality industry continues to develop and evolve, these are just some of the challenges and dilemmas that chefs and F&B managers are facing today,

Crowd Control In Events: Maintaining the Flow

Keeping your crowds moving inside an event or banquet space is a challenge that seems to never go away. Your customers don’t have the patience or time to stand around in long lines. And from your perspective, the idea of everyone standing around waiting to be served is just about the last impression you want to make when hosting a large event.

At Mogogo, our designs are created with both you and the customer in mind, to maintain constant flow and a better customer experience. It starts out with moving your stations away from the walls, and bringing them ‘towards the middle’. Simply put, the idea of having a long, linear station sitting along a wall is not going to work. It’s not aesthetic, and leaves a bad impression on everyone in the room.

Move your stations to the middle of the room, make them circular or semi-circular, and you will see the difference it makes. More flowing traffic, less standing around and waiting, room for multiple waiters to serve….all of it means a better impression and experience for your customers.

crowd control in eventsBring Attention to Your Display

Once you’ve positioned your station, the next step is to give it a special touch. Something that people will be drawn to in a big crowd, and want to go out of their way to see. At Mogogo, we designed the concept of ‘going high’, and creating shelfs, signposts, and high arches to draw customers to your stations and help attract attention to your display. Just adding a sign above your station such as ‘Sushi Bar’ or ‘Tapas Bar’ can bring interest and attention to your station that you never thought imaginable. While everyone may be using similar food products, the difference is in the presentation.

We’ve found at Mogogo that chefs really love this concept. Every chef wants to have a station that they feel is customized just for them. Something they can show everyone and say ‘hey, look what I created here’. A product they can bring to any event, and yet at the same time give them an opportunity to break out of their routine, and offer something truly special and unique for their customers.

About Mogogo

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