Mogogo-buffetmöbel in unser konzept zu integrieren war goldrichtig. 6 jahre nach der eröffnung wollten wir unseren gästen etwas neues bieten. Durch die mogogo-möbel hat unser buffetbereich einen neuen, modernen look.
Cori Flowers | F&b Director

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Mogogo buffet-lösungen bieten die perfekte möglichkeit, veranstaltungen in einem modernen und eleganten look zu inszenieren und gleichzeitig die notwendige flexibilität in unseren abläufen zu gewährleisten. Das natürliche, gradlinige und zurückhaltende design lässt den speisekreationen und der dekoration den vortritt…
Tracy Cammack | Executive Director of Catering


The mogogo tables are beautiful tables that we use for basically everything. Coffee break, buffets, action stations, you name it. They look amazing and we always get compliments on the tables themselves. With a wide variety of attachments, one could get very creative with them.
We are fortunate for the amount of tables received plus the add-ons which we have utilized on a number of occasions. While putting the add-ons is not difficult, it does take a little time to unscrew what is needed to put it on. But the look of the table itself is worth it because they are so versatile.
…They make a quality product that looks great and very diverse.
Banquet Manager HILTON

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Mogogo products have really been able to enhance our buffets, breaks, and receptions in banquets. The product is so versatile it allows us to create countless different setups each with its own unique look and style.
It is definitely a selling point for our guests, they are always impressed by how modern and stylish they look. They have enabled us to utilize social media a lot more to showcase our banquets here and we constantly receive praise for how great our setups look.
Moving away from linen and spandex on buffets has saved us money on replacing linen and also has allowed us to save time on getting the table prepared for each event. As they are so easy to move and build into different setups you can easily flip a breakfast into a break and then into a lunch with minimal fuss.
Mogogo’s versatility and stylish appearance has helped elevate our guest’s experience and ensure we stay at the forefront of the Food & Beverage industry.
Philip J Thompson | Executive Chef

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Mogogo provides a solution to a problem that I have faced my entire career. How to create unique catering and event experiences that are customized, personalized, and at the same time not break the budget. Mogogo delivers this solution in a brilliant way. They have listened to what we as operators need and have been able to deliver a solution that allows us to be creative and at the same time maintain our margins.
Nate Tanner | Vice President Food & Beverage | Pacific Hospitality Group


We love the Mogogo solutions for buffets, bars, and concessions at Longwood Gardens. The equipment is durable, functional and the aesthetics fit in perfectly with our program.
The induction buffet tops are especially great for special events. We look forward to expanding our collection.
Ken Warner | General Manager – Restaurant Associates