The 2.5′ Standard Unit is our basic unit and a good place to start for any host. This way, you can check out for yourself the unbeatable quality of the Mogogo products and test the waters. A more flexible building block for creating a station is hard to come by, however, this standard unit can also be utilized as is for an astonishing number of different occasions. It comes with 2 shelves which makes it a more affordable option and the higher distance between the sleeves are low enough to hold larger items.

  • SU001
  • Standard-small-unit-SU001BR

Dimensions: L29.5” W29.5” H35” | L75cm W75cm H88.5cm

Item no: SU001

Materials:  High Density Bamboo Panels, Brushed Stainless Steel.

Item#: SU001BR

Materials: High Density Bamboo Panels, Brushed Brass.

pattern-2 Stainless Steel brass

standard small